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Are you ready to expand the joy-filled good vibes you feel on a day to day basis?

Do you ever think to yourself 
‘life just doesn’t feel like it’s flowing like it use to’ or 
‘why does it feel difficult to feel joyful on a daily basis, regardless of what is happening in my reality?”
"why do I have to stay triggered for so long? I don't want this to bother me!"
 “i wish it didn’t have to take so much work to get over the negative thing and could easily focus on the positive in life”
"I just want to expand my capacity to feel more joy and happiness, because, WHY NOT!"

If you’ve had these thoughts, the Joy Upgrade is designed for you. 

In this one-time Joy Upgrade on March 26th, I will support you in releasing stagnant energies and subconscious blocks that are preventing you from experiencing JOY on YOUR terms!

Want to infuse more joy into 
Your relationship 
A break-up you're going through?
Your healing journey?
Your career?
Your relationship with food?
Your relationship to your body?
Your life to welcome more opportunities into your life?
How about just infusing JOY into every facet of your life, just cause? 

Anything is possible when you have JOY. 

Joy elevates your vibration, 
Joy changes your perception, 
Joy is a reality that you cultivate internally which determines your external experience 

So the question is, are you going to wait for the things on the outside to make you feel good? 
Or are you going to elevate your joy subconsciously and energetically to create those physical shifts in your reality?

I know what it’s like to spend endless time trying to figure out the nuts and bolts as to why you're creating the same patterns or feeling the same ways no matter what you do to shake it - think of the Upgrade as a clean sweep of all the limiting beliefs and energies that are preventing those joyful quantum leaps from happening in your life!

The Upgrade is an energetic process that is facilitated completely distantly - which means, the only heavy lifting you need to do is set 2 intentions for where you want to add more JOY into your life and watch the shifts unfold…yes, we’re all about the easiest yet deeply transformational approach around here!

examples of intentions you can mix and match for the Upgrade:
IE - Infuse more joy into my marriage so I can love and connect with my husband deeper + infuse more joy into my relationship with my finances so I can be open to new financial possibilities

IE - Infuse joy in my body so I can love and accept it as it is. Infuse joy into my business so it can flow and expand with ease

The Upgrades are known to be energetic secret sauce to fast-tracking the healing journey and supporting people to release subconscious limitations that naturally spills their external reality…

Any time you Upgrade your frequency, you enter a new timeline. When you enter a new timeline, you experience a new reality.

This is about quick, simple and efficient transformations - if you like spending time meditating on your problems (there’s absolutely zero problem with that) this Upgrade probably isn’t your cuppa tea!

But, if you like the idea of not needing to spend time ‘figuring it out’, you want to use your higher-self to support you in clearing out this 3D reality, you want to quickly experience changes to your mindset and reality experience (almost as if by magic) then the Upgrades are definitely for you!

I invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you….

What would it be like to shift out of these negative loops and into a state of peace and joy about your current situation?

To achieve a sense of peace and non-attachment

To no longer struggle with trying to ‘snap yourself out of it’ or the need to keep 'complaining about the situation over and over again’ 

I want you to know it’s possible. The transformation comes down to shifting your vibration, perception and subconscious mind - so are you ready to make some of your own transformations with the Joy Upgrade? 

If you’re ready to feel like a gangsta when it comes to managing your emotions, ready to experience more satisfying and peaceful days and all around good vibes that make people ask ‘how did you get that glow’ - then come join us in the Joy Upgrade!

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How the Upgrade Works:

Join the Upgrade and set your intentions using the form for where you want to infuse more joy in your life 
I will facilitate the distant Upgrade healing. You don't need to do anything during the Upgrade process.
(see q/a below for more information)
Post Upgrade you will assimilate the energy with the integration actions provided 
Feel lighter, expansive & 
at joyful. Watch infinite possibilities of joyful experience open up for you


"This was beyond different, I have never felt such a shift in my life. It gave me my life back"
- Ana, Texas
"I've used reiki, other forms of energy work, trauma healing etc. But the shifts that I noticed during the upgrade were so profound."
- Ellie, California
"I was blown away by the results, I had physical symptoms of anxiety completely disappear."
- Ines, France

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: *By clicking here you understand and consent to the Upgrade process

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"What does it mean that the Upgrade process is facilitated distantly? Do I need to be present for the Upgrade process?"

I have spent the last 15+ years, studying with energy healers and teachers, learning how to clear fields of energy. I now have developed my own intuitive method where I can facilitate distant Upgrade healing to the collective group and direct the energy toward  each individual's intention. There is no call or time needed on your end to be physically present as I am working with your higher self energy. Once the higher frequency energy is assimilated - reality shifts.

Does it matter where I am in the world or what I am doing at the time of the Upgrade?

The beauty of this process is that it doesn't matter where you are in the world. People have joined from over 33+ countries so far and it works regardless of your location because it's quantum energy! I facilitate the Upgrade at the time I feel most inspired to on the day. It could be the morning or evening. It doesn't matter if you're sleeping, traveling, working etc! 

"How will I know when the Upgrade is complete?"

You will receive an email once the Upgrade is done on March 26th, along with any other integration exercises that would be supportive for you to activate the energy even more

"How do I set my intention?"

Once you join the Upgrade, you will receive an email with details on how to submit your intentions.

"Is it okay that I am doing other forms of 'inner-work' with the Upgrade?"

Yes! The Upgrade is a great compliment to any additional energy/spiritual/self-development work. It meets you on your level of consciousness to support you on your journey.

Are their refunds?


What can I expect from the Upgrade?

Every individual experiences exactly what they need depending on their journey.  Some experience more of a purge and emotional release some may experience their manifestations right away. Neither is 'good or bad' 'right or wrong' The Upgrade is always working towards your best and highest good and can only support you on your journey. The Upgrades will meet you at your level of consciousness and help release any stagnant or blocked energy from your system. The process is here to plant new subconscious imprints and seeds based on your intentions so your reality can change for the better! Please only join from an empowered state - joining with lack, expectation or disempowerment will limit possibility 

"The last Upgrade completely healed my PCOS and acne, I am forever grateful!" - Arabella, Spain 

"Before the Upgrades, I use to force and push to manifest things. After the Upgrades I am in such a state of allowing. 4 significant career opportunities flowed to me!" - Susan, USA

 "I've used Reiki and other forms of energy work, trauma healing, you name it! But the shift that I noticed during the Upgrade, was so profound and healing" - Ellie, USA 

"This was BEYOND anything I ever experienced or knew to be possible. I have never felt such a shift in my life. 
It gave me my life back" - Anna, USA

"I was blown away by the results. I had physical symptoms of anxiety disappear" - Ines, France

"I joined the Upgrades without understanding how it worked or what outcome I would receive and the results were beyond anything I could have ever experienced!" - Tiana, Canada

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