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Rewrite Your Reality

The world needs more empowered people who understand how to create their reality. 

Science and spirituality go hand-in-hand and when you start to understand reality creation through this lens, that’s when you'll see BIG changes in your life and in your world.

You deserve to know exactly what it takes to remove the blocks that are standing in the way of you and your unlimited possibility life.

The Unlimited Possibility Experience will teach you exactly how.  


  • Want to break free of your limitations but don't know how
  • Dedicate your time to using modalities, processes, and techniques, but still don't feel the shift you're looking for
  • ​Be tired of feeling stuck in limited experiences when you know in the depths of your soul there’s more expansion possible ​
  • ​Be on the brink of expansion but don't know how to use your energy and action to get you there

Can you relate?


A self-paced course where you will learn a proven framework on the fundamentals of reality creation through bridging science and spirituality. This will help you go from feeling stuck and limited to being able to know what steps to take to fully embody a limitless life.

My story...

My entire journey has been unconventional. I know what it really takes to live a life of unlimited possibilities.

Not so long ago, I was dealing with several "incurable" chronic conditions, I had no "matrix" job prospects, I was living with my parents and all my relationships were failing. 

After being told I would have to have my uterus taken out in order to manage my health, I took my destiny into my own hands and went on a self-discovery journey determined to overcome this limitation. 

From studying Quantum Physics at Columbia University in New York to traveling to South East Asia and learning from spiritual teachers, I managed to completely turn my life around and shifted how I was creating my reality...

Using my mind, I healed myself of ALL my medical conditions, built a seven-figure business helping people do the impossible, got a townhome in London and a penthouse in Miami and created the most nourishing and supportive relationships I've ever had!

My mission is to empower others with the knowledge I've collected over my journey. I have helped thousand of people harness their own potential to create the impossible. From helping a billionaire manifest $150 million to save his company to helping women who were told they were infertile to get pregnant.

I have learned that no matter what you desire to create, there is a formula to make it manifest. This is what the Unlimited Possibility Experience is about!!


It has been an extraordinary experience since the moment I signed up, so much has shifted in my life already. My self worth started to increase immediately upon purchase, I took a huge leap of faith and spent my only bill money. And then I got a new part time job for a company that I love, which honestly was an unexpected miracle in and of itself bc I really needed work/money and wanted to work in aligned energy from home. I have been communicating in more high self worth ways to everyone in my life and it feels so fucking good. I am attracting kind, loving, respectful new people in my life and setting stronger boundaries for those who aren't, especially my family. A LOT of people have been gravitating towards me and wanting to tell me EVERYTHING that they themselves are waking up to. 

- Upgrade Participant

PART 1: the unlimited possibilities course
self-paced experience to expand your awareness and beliefs

How Conditioning Limits 
Our Possibilities 

  • Learn the 3 main ways we become conditioned and how it limits our potential for unlimited possibilities 
  •  An exercise to understand the limiting and expansive beliefs you've picked up that have created the identity of who you are today 

The Physics Behind 
Unlimited Possibilities

  • What is the quantum field?
  • ​How to create Unlimited Possibilities using the quantum field
  • ​How your field creates reality 
  • Understand how quantum physics can help you manifest 
  • ​Deep dive into a declassified CIA report documenting the structure of reality 

The Power of Perception

  • 3 levels to unlock unlimited possibilities 
  • ​The neuroscience behind creating your reality 
  • ​What exactly is the subconscious mind?
  • ​The science of how our mind filters and perceives reality
  •  ​ How we process and create reality around us and how to change what you 'see'
  • ​An exercise to understand your perceptions and reality creation

Five Tools To Create A Life of Unlimited Possibilities

  • What does manifestation really mean?
  • ​5 tools to create a life of unlimited possibilities
  • Exercises to shift your perception 

Traps that limit our dream life

  • How to break free of the 5 traps that prevent us from living a life of unlimited possibilities
  • How to overcome doubt when in the 'waiting' period
  • ​ How to set up your energy every day to live a life of unlimited possibilities 

pART 2 
unlimited possibility upgrades: ACTIVATING & HARNESSING QUANTUM ENERGY

The Upgrades are a distantly facilitated energetic process by me (no live call)
These Upgrades are here to support you in materializing your Unlimited Possibility Life. 
You pick two areas you want to receive energetic support to create endless quantum momentum. 
You just have to set an intention and use the integration exercises to support you. 

clear & expand to become OPEN & READY 
(MAY 12th)

  • We will be clearing old programming, fear and misplaced energy that is creating stagnancy and blocks for your unlimited possibility life. 
  • ​We will set your system up to receive. 
  • Clearing limiting subconscious, ancestral and energetic patterns  related to your intentions
  • ​Get clear on what actions you can start intuitively implementing around your intentions

You will set 2 intentions for what you want to create in your life and the Upgrade will support your to be open and ready to receive. 

Example of intentions:  

Increase confidence, synchronistic connections and opportunities to start my business. 

Connect more deeply in my marriage so I can feel secure and loved. 

DIVE DEEPER to activate and create
(MAY 31st)

Once you've had a few weeks to integrate the first Upgrade and go through materials in the self-paced course, this dive deeper Upgrade will support in diving even deeper into your subconscious mind and energy field around the two intentions you have set. 

  • This Upgrade will continue to clear out energies to further align you to your intentions 
  • ​The energy will create a stronger field to match you up to your intended reality experience
  • Increase excitement, joy and lightness around what it is you want to create. 
  • ​Create tangible shifts internally to create easier momentum and creation externally
  • ​See shifts in your reality over the next coming days, weeks or months depending on your intentions


Life before:

  • Experiencing life in a rigid and limited way
  • ​Not understanding why you keep creating the same things
  • Taking lots of action but not getting the results you want
  • ​Not believing in your creator power the way you wish you could

Life after:

  • You've learned what it takes to create an expansive reality filled with unlimited possibliites 
  • ​You understand and know how and why you create things in your reality
  • ​You're empowered to know the exact actions you need to take to break free of specific limitations
  • ​Fully realizing your potential and being in flow with life 

Some amazing results people have had...

"This was beyond different, I have never felt such a shift in my life. It gave me my life back"
- Ana, Texas
"I've used reiki, other forms of energy work, trauma healing etc. The shifts that I noticed with Jena's work was so profound."
- Ellie, California
"I was blown away by the results, I had physical symptoms of anxiety completely disappear."
- Ines, France
Feeling overwhelmed by what is happening on a personal OR global level?

 Do you feel like you can’t seem to find your center in the midst of what is coming up for you to heal and transform? 

This week is all about deprogramming from the matrix - clear discordant energetic patterns, stress and limiting subconscious programs that are keeping you from living from an energetic state of authentic freedom and flow

expect increase in your self-worth and self-love!


Reconnect with your intuition and inner guidance system

Gain inner clarity to accurately discern information for yourself both on a  personal and global level 

Clear your field of programming that is manipulating your perceptions to see truth 

Release confusion and fear embody more trust, inner peace and empowerment using your intuitive compass

After we have deprogrammed our minds and activated our faculty for intuitive discernment, our consciousness is ready to upgrade our connection to our higher-self.

in order to access the information of our higher-self, we have shift our subconscious, and energetic pathways to reach its wisdom.  

Activate your field of hyper synchronicities and receive downloads and clear communication on the answers you have been seeking outside of yourself

This week will solidify our connection to our higher-self so that we no longer look outside of ourselves for answers, This will give you the tools to see guidance from a state of discernment rather than dependency. Trusting to know what we need, when we need it is the magick sauce of our personal power



One-Time Payment of 


  • Lifetime Access to the Unlimited Possibility Course
  • ​​Guided Meditation + Journalling Exercise + Perception shifting techniques 
  • ​​Lifetime Access + Future Updates
  • ​Priority access and discounts to future Unlimited Possibilities offerings



One-Time Payment of


  • Lifetime Access to the Unlimited Possibility Course 
  • ​2 x Unlimited Possibility Upgrades
  • Guided Meditations + Journalling Exercises, Perception Shifting Techniques
  • ​Lifetime Access + Future Updates
  • ​Priority access and discounts to future Unlimited Possibilities offerings


3 PaymentS - $777 total


  • ​PAYMENT 1 - $333, 2 PAYMENTS OF $222
  • ​Lifetime Access to the Unlimited Possibility Course 
  • ​​2 x Unlimited Possibility Upgrades
  • Guided Meditation + Journalling Exercises, Perception shifting techniques
  • ​​Lifetime Access + Future Updates
  • ​​​Priority access and discounts to future Unlimited Possibilities offerings 

*PRE-SALE ​BONUS* Q/A Recording
Ask Jena anything about clarifications from the course, unlimited possibilities, specific things you want support with and receive a audio with her coaching to further support you, The audio will be available for the end of May once people have submitted their questions

It really can get so much easier...

So, If you are ready to epically align your energy to:

  • Create easy and effortless shifts
  • See you intentions materialize 
  • ​Create long lasting sustainable change
  • ​Plant the energetic seeds for your physical creation
  • T​ransform subconscious programs and perceptions of what you believe is possible 
  • ​Tap into the quantum field where anything is possible

  • ​On your inner work journey, have you ever wondered, is it possible for me to align to my next level in a faster, efficient and light-hearted way?

  • What would it be like to simplify the inner work process? See tangible changes to your internal and external reality without grueling away for hours on challenges you've been facing over and over again?

  • What would it be like to actually activate and receive more support from your higher self to take the load of off all the 'work' you have to do in the physical to make things happen?

  • How much easier would it be if you were more connected to the healing capabilities of your multidimensional self? 

  • The version that has all the opportunities available to her 

  • The version that creates unlimited possibilities when others are in scarcity

  • The version that KNOWS how powerful of a creator she is when she is aligned and on FIRE!

  • She is there, she is just vibrating at a different frequency... and all you have to do is meet her there - this physical game is all energetically rooted after all. 



A Proven Solution To Create Quantum Shifts and Rapid Alignment

It's the end of 2022 and you are clear on your big goals and what you want to manifest for 2023! 
It's great to have clarity and vision, but one of the biggest problems I see is people struggling to align themselves energetically and subconsciously to be a match to RECEIVE and MANIFEST these goals

If you have felt stuck or doubt with:

  • How to align your energy to receive your dreams and desires 
  • ​Creating momentum in your beliefs
  • ​Letting go of negative thoughts, beliefs and anxiety that are causing stress in your mind and body 
  •  How to trust in the divine unfolding  

Then you need to create shifts in your subconscious to perceive that your dreams CAN be a reality!


"Will this course always be available to buy?"

No. The last day to purchase the course will be May 12th 2023. I will open it in the future if I feel called to do so. 

"I want to buy the course, but I don't have the full funds to do so by May 12th, do you offer payment plans?"

Once you purchase, you will have immediate access to the full course. Due to this nature, offering partial payment to the full course is not an aligned exchange. Payment plans are only currently available for the full Unlimited Possibilities Experience (course + upgrades). 

However, we do understand that not everyone can pay in full just for the course either.  So, if you have an extenuating circumstance preventing you from paying in full, we can work with you to set up a non-refundable deposit payment to put down by May 12th and then set a future date for your final payment. This way you can pay what you can now, and the other payment at a date that works for you. For example, you can pay half now and the other half next month if that works best for you. After the payment is received in full, you will receive immediate life-time access to the course. Please note the pre-sale does not qualify for this, you will have to pay the full price of the course which is $444. If you are interested in this option please email

"Do I have to do the entire experience with the Upgrades? Or will I benefit just from taking the course alone?"

You will absolutely gain invaluable information from the course. The Unlimited Possibilities Experience has the Upgrades in it because I've seen the power of energetic momentum. Once you learn how energy works to create your reality, you'll understand how the Upgrades can support in accelerating your manifestations. If you want to just learn but aren't ready for energetic support, then you can just take the course. However, if you are ready to dive into creating accelerated momentum towards your unlimited possibility life, the entire Unlimited Possibilities Experience is for you!!

"I know I want to do the Upgrades but I am unsure of what I want to set my intentions for. Should I still join?"

You have until May 11th to set your intentions. So you can join now and set your intentions later, there is no pressure!

"If I just buy the course and then decide I want to join the Unlimited Possibility Upgrades, can I join?"

Yes, you are able to add-on the Upgrades before May 11th for an additional $444. You can either split the payments into two, or pay in full. You can email to Upgrade into the Upgrades! 

"What does it mean that the Upgrade process is facilitated distantly? Do I need to be present for the Upgrade process?"

At our core we are energy beings. I have spent the last 15+ years, studying with energy healers and teachers, learning how to clear fields of energy. I now have developed my own intuitive method where I go into a deep meditative state and perform the Upgrade healing to the collective group in the quantum field and channel the energy toward  each individual in the Upgrade based on their intention. There is no call or time needed on your end to be physically present as I am working with your higher self energy in a meditative state. Once the higher frequency energy is assimilated - reality changes.  Thousands of people from around the world have experienced profound, life-changing results. 

Does it matter where I am in the world or what I am doing at the time of the Upgrade?

The beauty of this process is that it doesn't matter where you are in the world. People have joined from over 33+ countries so far and it works regardless of your location because it's quantum energy! I facilitate the Upgrade at the time I feel most inspired to on the day. It could be the morning or evening. It doesn't matter if you're sleeping, eating, working etc! All you have to do is set your intention via the form you receive after signing up. Post Upgrade you will receive an email when the Upgrade is done along with any other integration exercises that would be supportive for you to activate the energy even more

"Is it okay that I am doing other forms of 'inner-work"

Yes! This work is a great compliment to any additional energy/spiritual/self-development work. It meets you on your level of consciousness to support you on your journey.

Are their refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds. Please make sure you are aligned with this work before you purchase.

What can I expect from the Unlimited Possibilities Upgrades?

Every individual experiences exactly what they need depending on their journey.  Some experience more of a purge and emotional release some may experience their manifestations right away. Neither is 'good or bad' 'right or wrong' The Upgrade is always working towards your best and highest good and can only support you on your journey. The Upgrades will meet you at your level of consciousness and help release any stagnant or blocked energy from your system to support your manifestations. The process is here to plant new subconscious imprints and seeds based on your intentions so your reality can change for the better! Please only join from an empowered state - joining with lack, expectation or disempowerment will limit possibility 
Any additional questions, please email

Here's to creating a life of unlimited possibilities!




Whether you want to create better health, aligned relationships or career expansion in 2023, the Upgrades have helped people manifest it all!