The Upgrade™ by Jena Sophia


Hi! I'm Jena Sophia

For the last 20+ years, I’ve been diving deep into the world of transformation, soaking up knowledge from over 20+ modalities covering everything from subconscious reprogramming to quantum physics. I've combined all these teachings to create my own process known as the Upgrade. 

It is a simple and easy process to remove subconscious limitations and create more flow, ease and manifestations in life. 

The Upgrades are usually offered around a specific theme ie: Money, Relationships, Hormones/Fertility, Self-Love, Career expansion etc.

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What is an Upgrade?

In short, the Upgrade is a distant energy process. You set your intention and I send energy to support in transforming limiting blocks, sabotaging patterns, outdated perceptions and clear energetic misalignments to support the flow of your manifestations. Yes, it's that simple.

THE uPGRADE Process Looks like this:
Join the Upgrade and set 
your intentions for what 
you want to call in 
I will facilitate the distant Upgrade healing. You don't need to do anything during the Upgrade process. (see q/a below for more information)
Post Upgrade you will assimilate the energy with the integration actions provided 
Feel lighter, expansive & 
at joyful. Watch infinite possibilities open up for you
Do you crave an easier way to make sustainable changes to your reality without:

~ Endless time trying to figure out 'why things are the way they are'
~ Needing to consciously 'get to the root of things'
~ Going in circles trying to 'overcome the block'

If yes, then the Upgrades are for you

"Today I feel like a completely different person than 2 months ago. I noticed so many synchronicities since I started the Upgrade and everything just feels easier"
- Orfea, Switzerland 
"After each week of the Upgrade, I noticed a HUGE difference. I felt physically lighter, and on a deeper level my soul felt lighter (if that makes sense!"
-Kayley, Vancouver
"I had physical symptoms of anxiety completely disappear the day of the Upgrade"
- Ines, France
"I felt a noticeable difference in the way I carried myself. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. You will definitely feel a difference within yourself and your reality. Do it!"
- Ally, USA
"I felt called to join the Upgrades without understanding how it worked or what the outcome would be and it has been beyond what I could have imagined!"
- Tiana, Canada
"I use to force and push and now I'm in a state of allowing. 4 significant career opportunities flowed to me. I had one of the best periods I had in the last 2 years during the 6 week proccess. It was incredible!"
- Susan, USA
"This was beyond different, I have never felt such a shift in my life. It gave me my life back"
- Ana, USA
"I've used reiki, other forms of energy work, trauma healing etc. But the shifts that I noticed during the upgrade were so profound."
- Ellie, USA
"I felt a new sense of inspiration and love. I let go of blocks and heaviness that was holding me back. I started existing in a new vibrational frequency which changed my relationship to myself and everything around me."
- Jaclyn, USA
"Prior to these Upgrades I was struggling with feeling stuck in my life and not able to find significant others...I had multiple prospects come within that exact week of the Upgrade and I even had an ex reach out and mend fences over how things ended beween us. Jena is incredible!"
- Sarah, USA
"When I signed up for the Upgrade, I didn't know what to expect...After the Upgrade, I feel so much more joy and freedom in my body, my relationships, my community, and this world. This has been such a deep and transformative experience"
-Stephanie, USA
"When I heard about it I had a full body YES. I didn't fully understand the process...but it works! Overall, I realised we can heal with ease. It doesn't need to be hard and take all these hours. There can be something easy and graceful around it. It's multi-dimensional healing"
- Amie, USA
 "I have had problems with my skin for a while, and after the Upgrades my skin is clearing up, my heart is more open and I am less afraid of my shadow self"
- Sonia, USA
"Jena has completely transformed my life. Before working with her, I was struggling with stepping into my power and really living the life I knew I wanted to live. Since working with her, I have attracted abundance, I feel worthy and deserving of the things I want in my life, and I feel more of my authentic self"
- Jacq, USA
"Since I have done the Upgrades, I am way more at peace, I feel much more content in my life, I am more aware of my behavior and I have an amazing connection to my intuition now. I can't say enough good things about it"
- Edna, USA
"I don't have a job and have been experience anxiety and shame which led me to join the Upgrade. Since the Upgrades...I have felt a sureness in my decisions, I am less judgemental towards myself. Overall, I feel a greater sense of peace and braveness in who I am and what I want. I have already signed up for the next Upgrade!"
- Christina, New Zealand
"I didn't know what to expect but after the Upgrade, the shifts were so amazing! I have no pain in my periods anymore...It also brought up a lot of old relationships that I had to clear. A lot of triggers came up for me which was for the best. And this Upgrade helped me clear all of them"
- Ava, USA
I was really able to connect to a version of myself that has so much more depth. I cannot say enough great things about the Upgrade"
- Alaina, USA
"The first thing I noticed was that the frustration around my weight went away. Since the Upgrade, I feel really safe and comfortable in my skin. I can't wait to keep continuing with the Upgrades!"
- Angie, Canada
 "Before the Upgrade, I was super skeptical as I couldn't imagine how that would work. But my intuition kept begging me and so I decided to join...But since the Upgrade, I feel so open right now, I am able to connect with people on a really deep level...I LOVE IT!"
- Manuela, Germany
"Doing this work really heals, and transmutes the blocks and brings up the things that are holding you back so you can shift them."
- Aisha, India 
"I struggled with feeling insecure and trusting my own path for 15 years, and after doing the Upgrades with Jena I feel just an extreme amount of peace, confidence and certainty in myself" - Kelly, USA
"The first week of the Upgrade, I experienced a physical purging. And since then I have felt incredibly light and in flow with my highest self. If you need that extra support or space to be held, I highly recommend it!"
- Cory, USA
"What I was looking for was help stepping into my authenticity. I tried therapy, medication, meditation. I found this work has helped me most is my capacity for embodiment. The ability to be here with my body and has been big for me and has been really big for me. If you have to save up for it, I would recommend you do"
- Christian, USA


"What does it mean that the Upgrade process is facilitated distantly? Do I need to be present for the Upgrade process?"

I have spent the last 20+ years, studying with energy healers and teachers, learning how to clear fields of energy. I now have developed my own intuitive method where I can facilitate distant Upgrade healing to the collective group and direct the energy toward each individual's intention. There is no call or time needed on your end to be physically present as I am working with your higher self energy. Once the higher frequency energy is assimilated - reality shifts.

Does it matter where I am in the world or what I am doing at the time of the Upgrade?

The beauty of this process is that it doesn't matter where you are in the world. People have joined from over 40+ countries so far and it works regardless of your location because it's quantum energy! I facilitate the Upgrade at the time I feel most inspired to on the day. It could be the morning or evening. It doesn't matter if you're sleeping, traveling, working etc! You will get an email once it's done. 

"How will I know when the Upgrade is complete?"

You will receive an email once the Upgrade is done, along with any other integration exercises that would be supportive for you to activate the energy even more

"How do I set my intention?"

Once you join the Upgrade, you will receive an email with details on how to submit your intentions.

What can I expect from the Upgrade?

Every individual experiences exactly what they need depending on their journey.  Some experience more of a purge and emotional release right after and or some may experience their manifestations right away. Neither is 'good or bad' 'right or wrong' The Upgrade is always working towards your best and highest good and can only support you on your journey. The Upgrades will meet you at your level of consciousness and help release any stagnant or blocked energy from your system. The process is here to plant new subconscious imprints and seeds based on your intentions so your reality can change for the better!

"The last Upgrade completely healed my PCOS and acne, I am forever grateful!" - Arabella, Spain 

"Before the Upgrades, I use to force and push to manifest things. After the Upgrades I am in such a state of allowing. 4 significant career opportunities flowed to me!" - Susan, USA

 "I've used Reiki and other forms of energy work, trauma healing, you name it! But the shift that I noticed during the Upgrade, was so profound and healing" - Ellie, USA 

"This was BEYOND anything I ever experienced or knew to be possible. I have never felt such a shift in my life. 
It gave me my life back" - Anna, USA

"I was blown away by the results. I had physical symptoms of anxiety disappear" - Ines, France

"I joined the Upgrades without understanding how it worked or what outcome I would receive and the results were beyond anything I could have ever experienced!" - Tiana, Canada

Jena Sophia 
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