Jena's 1:1 work is for leaders, entrepreneurs, executives & change makers who desire to make exponential growth in record time, by accelerating their transformation and manifestations in the realm of business, health and personal growth.

Jena Sophia is an internationally renowned Subconscious Specialist and Energy Healer. She has worked with thousands of people from Celebrities, Creatives, Fortune 500 CEOs, Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneurs and Billionaires. After curing incurable chronic illness using the power of her mind, she now uses these tools to guide high performers to activate their untapped energetic and physical potential so that they can create exponential growth and balance in all areas of their lives.

Most of Jena's clients have successful careers and they know they are gifted and destined for something greater. Jena holds space to expand that vision and creates the pathway for them to energetically align to their dream to life. Each of Jena's clients receives a bespoke approach to create massive shifts in record time. Whether that's in health, relationships or business. She combines over 2 dozen modalities into her intuitive method to rapidly accelerate the change process. Jena's approach is rooted in the understanding that when you align yourself on an energetic level, miracles happen.

If you have found your way to this page, it's for a reason. I can sense you have a lot going on but are in need of breaking through a glass ceiling. Whether it's struggling with a health problem, you desire to make a business breakthrough, work on stress management or maybe you are ready for quantum, life-changing shifts overall and don't want to waste any time to make them happen. 

Time is precious when you're playing big. I truly believe we should be spending more time LIVING life over healing it. As a high performer, you already know that optimizing your healing is important, but you want it to be efficient and transformative. You know your energetic alignment is a direct reflection of what you create in your life. You are already making a powerful impact in the world but there are just a few things you need to transform and transcend in order to fully receive that next stage of expansion.

This is where my work comes in. Over the past few years I've guided thousands of leaders and change makers to transform their stress, mindset and physical blocks so they can show up in the world as the most powerful versions of themselves, I would be honored to support you in creating these sustainable shifts so you can stress less, save time, and manifest your biggest goals through energetic and subconscious alignment. 

This work is not for those who are at the beginning stages. This is an opportunity for industry leaders and change-makers who are looking to optimize their energy, impact and growth. Think this is something for you? Apply below. 

(please note there can be a 1-3 month wait period to work with Jena depending on her current client schedule and availability. 
Applying at your earliest convenience is highly recommended as applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis)

Jena's work provides massive clarity, energy shifts and healing in a simple and effective way. Below are the ways she supports change makers who desire to transform their energy to amplify their impact, fulfillment, and wellbeing!

Health Transformations

  • You are struggling with a new or chronic health condition 
  • ​You want to release stress and gain clarity around what is happening in your body on a subconscious, energetic emotional and ancestral level 
  • ​You want energetic support alongside a western approach
  • ​You want to reprogram your mind and body connection  
  • ​You want to create new epigenetic signals for your body to help restore its natural balance 

Fernanda, Spiritual Guide 

"We worked on my PCOS and I am now two cycles pain-free which is very exciting!"

Danielle 'The Mindful Blonde' Entrepreneur 

"She is worth all of the money in the world. This experience has changed my life. As you can see all of my acne, and eczema are gone!"

Ali, Banker 

"As someone who has been working on Wall Street for the past 25 years, stress, unfortunately, became my normal state of being. Jena helped me realize more of my subconscious reasons for keeping my chronic pain condition. We were able to discover through the sessions, what exactly I needed to let go of in my life to live joyfully and healthily. It was truly transformational and I was able to slowly get off my medication doctors said I would need 'forever.' Her method truly works!" 

Max, Start-Up Founder

"I was initially introduced to Jena Sophia to help me overcome stress from start-up hours and chronic back pain. I first noticed a significant change in my mood and outlook as a result of the first session. I was more calm and positive. I then had a another session for my back pain which was nothing short of amazing. After that my back pain was significantly reduced. Jena then recommended we try one more. That third session was truly the missing piece. Jena helped me to get to the root of my stress and chronic back pain and I was absolutely stunned throughout our session. Needless to say, it helped me to overcome the source of my stress and back pain and I have been free of both ever since! 

Shea, Entrepreneur

"I've struggled with acne since I was a teenager and struggled into my late twenties. Since my session, I have truly had nearly flawless skin which is incredible for me. Not only have the breakouts stopped, but the overall texture of my skin is smooth. The discoloration is going away, my scars are fading, it's AMAZING!"

Prarna, Designer

- 4th Month Update on Chronic Pain of 20+ years - "I couldn't be more grateful. If you are struggling with something that seems insurmountable or really impossible to conquer on your own, or even with medical doctors and PT's. This what you should do! It's amazing!

Lena, Entertainment Lawyer

 I am a lawyer/writer in NYC. I came to Jena for help with releasing limiting beliefs and traumas related to my childhood and recent miscarriages. I've dealt with anxiety for about five years and am a recovering perfectionist. By the third or fourth session with Jena, I felt like a new person. My anxiety felt like a little wave that I could ride instead of a tidal wave that would take me over. She has completely changed my life. In the middle of our work together, I became pregnant and was able to keep and successfully deliver my daughter, who is now 5 months old. I feel so blessed to have worked with Jena and I know without a doubt that the work I did with her was a large part of why I was able to successfully conceive and have a baby. My relationship with my mother has also improved and I generally just feel like I am more equipped to handle life with a lighter touch. Jena is a miracle worker. I really enjoyed each session with Jena -- she has complete respect for going at your pace and really listens to your feedback. I recommend Jena for anyone who is repeating negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs and looking for healing. 

Frankie, Entrepreneur 

 I’ve felt a very big shift in emotion and energy - particularly in reference to coming out the other side of this ‘illness’. Last week, I definitely said ‘I can’t do this’ a few times whereas now that’s shifted to just feeling like I can so very interesting that was the core belief that dissipated! My symptoms have improved a lot since last week too which is great and feeling much lighter as a result.

 I have felt so much more positive about getting better and the future and have just found less negative thoughts coming in - I honestly cannot believe the difference in a few days. My digestion has also been a lot better since you did the session and I’m feeling a lot more powerful and more life my true self which is really cool.

Business Transformations

  • You are experiencing an upper limit (clients, revenue, expansion)
  • ​You want to gain more clarity on your next steps to increase success
  • ​You desire to embody better leadership
  • ​You want to break through childhood core beliefs and trauma responses that have impacted your business 
  • ​You want to run your business with new energetics of more ease, flow and inspiration 
  • You want your subconscious on board with your big goals

Beth Behrs, Actress and Animal Rights Activist

"I have been feeling so creative since my session. I feel like we unblocked my creativity because I have been waking up in the middle of the night, writing scenes for a movie and I have been singing classical music again which I haven't done since childhood. I AM LOVING IT!"

Shaman Durek, Shaman + Best Selling Author

"The trauma was still inside of my energy field and I didn't want to go through the pain again. Not even just the dialysis pain, all of it. And so you came in and shifted it. You were showing me that it was still affecting me on some level because it's still in that part of my subconscious mind, so a lot of my choices and actions were being governed by that perception (from years ago). Since our work (a few months ago), I haven't felt it at all. It's completely gone!"

- Ancient Wisdom Podcast, Ep. 147

Shivani, VP of her Family Office

“Working with Jena was a transformational experience. I had many blocks - particularly around career, love, and skin issues. It’s been a few months since we worked together and I feel like a completely different person. I feel much more present, grounded, and connected to who I truly am. I’m so much happier and am up- leveling in every area of my life now. After many years, I feel like I’m finally starting “to live” instead of “to exist”. I feel truly grateful to have worked with Jena. She is a magician rockstar! She has so many tools in her toolkit that made my journey with her individualized and special. She creates a safe space for you to open up and feel vulnerable. In the era we all live in with self-help and doing "the work", working with Jena was the first time I felt like it doesn’t have to be so hard. We can transform and receive the things we desire with ease. If you are considering working with Jena, I highly recommend it! You will not regret it at all! Get ready for a truly life changing experience for your highest good.”

Monica, Model

"The main word that I can use after working with Jena is FLOW. I made more money than I ever have during our time together!"

Christine, Entrepreneur

"I looked forward to every session. I left feeling so light and so much ease. I appreciated that Jena took the time to understand my situation and unique needs. The ease and lightness has continued and I'm still feeling the positive effects. I always felt very comfortable and Jena made herself very accessible throughout. I enjoyed working with her SO much!"

Mel, Entrepreneur

"I feel very clear, confident and very strong. I was able to make some big decisions for my business that I would not have been able to before working with Jena. I have been more me than ever"

Stress, Trauma, Major Life Transitions

  • ​You want to release limiting beliefs and trauma in your subconscious so you can start fresh 
  • ​You want to let go of the past so it doesn’t repeat itself
  • ​You want to gain clarity, control and feel grounded in your body 

Ashae, Entrepreneur

"I was surprised at how fast it worked. I left feeling with so much clarity and have been in an amazing space since!"

Nadia, Entrepreneur

"I've spent years and years trying to get through this work, and in one session with her help, it's been magical"

Ancy, Tech Entrepreneur

"I recommend this work to anyone who's really struggling to break heavy patterns, deep trauma...
sexual trauma or massive depths of loss"

Charlene, Executive

"This is the best investment you can make in yourself! I am a completely different person!"

(please note there can be a 1-3 month wait period to work with Jena depending on her current clients schedule and availability. Applying at your earliest convenience is highly recommended as applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis)

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